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1. Do Santa Fe Food Company products contain salt?

No, none of our products contain salt.  In fact, our products also don’t contain

preservatives or artificial flavour or colour.

2. What is the difference between tart and sour cherries?

Nothing.  Tart, sour, and pie cherries all fall under the same category.

3. Why “Chertney” instead of “Chutney”?

Chutney, by definition, contains salt.  That’s the main reason I couldn’t call my product that.  So… Chertney it was named.  It’s simple… theirs has salt, ours doesn’t.

4. Are there any more products in the works for Santa Fe Food Company?

Yes, there’s exciting new products that are currently being developed.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the newest product, “Chelish”, available June 2nd, 2012.  Chelish is to Relish, as Chertney is to Chutney.  You guessed it, Chelish doesn’t conatain salt, atificial flavour, or preservatives or colour, either.

5. Are Santa Fe Food Company products gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free.  In fact, our products also don’t contain

added preservatives, artificial flavour or colour, or salt.


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