The Santa Fe Frog has surfaced. Out of the mud and into the orchard!

Well, not quite yet… but soon.

frog_croaking_lwIt’s been a long winter, with lots of snow.  Although good for moisture, the late spring has put me a little behind. The Carmine Jewel sour cherry orchards had a heavy blanket of snow until just a few days ago. This will shorten the pruning window and is likely to put blossoms back a week or so but mother nature will do what she sees fit, and we will put up with what ever she throws our way.   Such is life.

Although I’m Feelin Finer than Frogs Hair, it might take a few days to totally wake up to the duties at hand. The big event will be to gather ” the crew ” together for another processing stint at the U of S. Before doing that, we will be sure to have a  ” Safety Meeting ”  to check the health and well being of everyone involved. We can’t have anything but a positive attitude hangin out round here. Although there is nothing new coming out at this point, there are a couple things in the works so relax and enjoy the spring that finally came. Things are going to be active for a while but I promise I will report in soon, as I have great news about a whole new area that the Santa Fe Food Company products. can be found.  This really is something for me to “croak” about!  Until then,  Keep your powder dry,  and keep on Dippin!   SFF