What A Winter!

I guess a hearty HAPPY NEW YEAR ! is in store, keeping in mind that a frog’s new year is about the same time as what seems to be Easter to most. What’s the use of having New Years in the middle of a great sleep, when you can make it a leap into spring thing instead?winter It has been quite a winter with several long cold months again this year. Over the winter, some changes were made to the labels, so this summer look for a more colorful label and a little ” Santa Fe ” history tagged on. Also take note of the refreshing claims of having NO: Salt, Gluten, Preservatives, or Colour added! The products have always been this way, I just got around to putting it all on the label. A healthy change was that the modified corn starch has been replaced with a more accepted rice flour as a thickener. Comparing the Santa Fe Sauces with most other sauces and salad dressing, you will find us to be much lower in calories and sugar. So relax and enjoy a Santa Fe Saucy Summer. We will post the new look in June when they come out.

It is pruning season here at the Santa Fe so I’m feeling.., well.., fatigued. By day I crawl through the trees trimming and cleaning, and by night I try to figure out how to get the cherry into the Caramilk bar. All the while trying to patiently wait for that warm spring weather we so badly crave. I’m not going to promise to get back to you real soon because I hate breaking promises, but I will try to keep in touch better than I have. Just the other day, that was my New Year’s resolution, Not to procrastinate so much.

See Ya Later Ali….frog       SFF