What do Dr. Oz and The Santa Fe Frog have in common?

frog_jumping_croaking_mcThey’re both leaping up and down with excitement about the benefits of sour cherry juice.

Cherries, such as the Carmine Jewel, are extremely high in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and contain natural melatonin, to help you sleep.

Suffering from gout, or muscle and joint pain?  This could be your answer.

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The Santa Fe Frog has leapt into Manitoba!

frog_jumping_croaking_mcI’m jumping up and down with excitement!

Sorry to take so long on an update, but, spring, summer, and harvest, seemed to come and go like the flick of my tongue; no flies attached. It was an amazing harvest thanks to mother nature and her timely rains, and cooler than normal temperatures. The freezers are full, the pumps drained, and most…. ? OK.. some of the fall work is done, and now the preparation for fall shows begins. I am trying hard to stay on top of things and cover as much ground as possible. I may have to put off burrowing in until after Christmas but, OH WELL! Such is the life of the Santa Fe Frog. Besides trying to keep ahead of things around the orchards, We did manage to break another border. Thanks to a very worthy Manitoban, Santa Fe Food Company is becoming a familiar sight on a few store shelves.

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I’m excited about 2013!

That’s right, the many prospects that are sure to present themselves in 2013 have got the Santa Fe Frog leaping up and down!

But before I get into what’s happening next I would like to say a Great Big Thanks for all of the support and encouragement over this past year.

2013 promises to be another busy year.  It will really kick in with me attending a tradeshow in Vancouver on January 27th and 28th.  This show, put on by the CFRA (Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association), is the BC Foodservice Expo.  Part of this show is a Chef’s Competition, of which, I’m proud to say, Santa Fe Food Company is one of the participating product sponsors.