Introducing Chelish…

Recently the Santa Fe Food Company “crew” processed cherries at the Food Centre, located at the University of Saskatchewan.

We all had our jobs; we worked hard; we had fun!

We laughed; we sang; we concentrated; we maybe even swore (just a little)!

Suze filled the bottles, and in her spare time pretended she was Lady Liberty!









We made product…lots of it. Ingredients blended; procedures followed; bottles filled; labels applied; product marked and packaged…all in a week’s work.  One of the products is the latest in the line of Santa Fe Food Company sauces… Chelish.

This promises to be another winner. Miss Ellie says, ” it even makes a hot dog taste good “.  Use it like you would use relish.  Like all of our products, it has no salt, no artificial flavour or colour, no preservatives.  The evening we made Chelish, we had it on barbequed smokies.  How delicious was that?  Mmmm… gotta go, I’m getting hungry!

So to all of you who helped make these products, and to all of you who will be enjoying them…